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How do you maintain an independent lifestyle? The answer might surprise you.

There’s no reason to lose your independence. Here’s how to keep it.

How do you maintain an independent lifestyle? The answer might surprise you.

There’s no reason to lose your independence. Here’s how to keep it.

Stay Connected

Besides regular physical activity, a healthy diet and regular doctor visits, many studies reveal that people who have an active social life stay healthier longer. Multiple social ties are believed to be protective against Alzheimer’s disease. Plus, the more connected you are, the sooner you can get help if you need it.


According to the National Institute on Aging, some important risk factors for falls are:





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Communication Is Essential

Independence doesn’t mean doing everything on your own. It means being able to solve problems and move forward. It also means having optimal access to assistance. If you fell down and couldn’t call for help, this could significantly limit or end any amount of independence you have now.

For this reason, many leading hospitals and doctors recommend Medical Alert Systems for adults. These devices allow you to call for help in the event of an emergency. Studies show that the longer it takes for you to call for help, the worse the outcome. Getting help fast is essential to good health.

Don’t take unnecessary risks

The best way to avoid accidents is prevention. This doesn’t mean you have to become inactive or dependent. Instead, it means taking charge of your responsibilities and recognizing your limits. If you push yourself too hard and get injured, then you may lose your independence.

How Medical Alert Systems help keep you independent

There’s a common misconception that Medical Alert Systems somehow decrease your independence. In fact, the exact opposite is true. When you know you can call for help at any time, this increases your confidence and safety – and these factors help keep you independent.

Medical Alert Systems are home-based and/or wearable technology. You simply push a button and a call is sent for help immediately.

Questions about Medical Alert Systems?

The Role of Modern Technology

With the digital age, the possibility to remain independent for life is possible more than ever. Smartphone health maintenance apps allow people to manage chronic illnesses from a distance. For instance, diabetes control is made much easier and convenient. These advances put information and decision making power in the hands of the people.

Medical Alert Systems have also incorporated modern technology to improve service. For example, by using cellular connectivity, the ability to call for help extends to nearly any location. Even if you get hurt and are away from your cell phone, you can use a Medical Alert Device to call for help.

“Avoiding Nursing Homes is a Major Concern for Older Adults”

Avoiding falls is key.

Studies show mature adults fear to lose their autonomy even more than they fear death. In some cases, such as severe Alzheimer’s disease or other debilitating illness, there is no option. However, if you are otherwise healthy, perhaps the most important thing is to avoid falls. (Read more about how to avoid falls at home).

Another factor to consider is if you do fall, how quickly you receive help. Studies show that the longer it takes for you to get help, the worse the outcome. Having a system that can call for help in an emergency might help avoid nursing home placement.

Keep Loved One’s Minds at Ease

Your family and friends care about you. That’s why they call to see how you are doing. Maybe the even worry too much. Take the initiative to give them peace of mind. They’ll be thrilled to know you have a safety system to be able to call for help if you need it.

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Don’t isolate yourself

Being independent means choosing to stay connected. The people that isolate themselves may end up losing their independence faster. Keep strong social ties and make sure you can get help when you need it. The choice is yours!

Approved by leading hospitals and medical centers

Medical Alert Systems are widely recommended for older adults by leading medical experts. They base their opinion on medical research which shows that the ability to call for help increases the chances that you stay independent.

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