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Your lifestyle on your terms. Select a Medical Alert System that fits you best.

Compare In-Home & On-The-Go Solutions

Your lifestyle on your terms. Select a Medical Alert System that fits you best.

Compare In-Home & On-The-Go Solutions

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Medical Alert Systems allow you to:

Maximize Independence and Safety

Regain Confidence

Give Loved Ones Peace of Mind

Choose how to stay safe. Reliable, trusted & approved options.

At Home

Spending time at home? This Medical Alert System is easy to use and doesn’t get in the way.


If you are going out, this option keeps you safe anytime, anyplace. Modern GPS tracking provides location help.

Fall Detection

Unique sensors in these devices can detect a fall and notify help. 90% of older adults that get help within one hour of falling will be able to return home.

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What You Need To Know

Why do I need a Medical Alert System?

Falling is one of the leading causes of injury and death for older adults. If help is delayed, the death rate is up to 5x higher. No matter how healthy you are, it’s important to be able to call for help in an emergency. Don’t rely on your cell phone alone. If you fall and your landline or cell phone are out of reach, the Medical Alert System device is with you always. 

How do Medical Alert Systems work?

Medical Alert Systems use wireless connectivity to signal instantly for help if you need it. In the event of an emergency, you push a button and the system calls for assistance right away.

Advanced Fall Detection Option

Fall detection systems send for help if you fall. With this option, you don’t need to push a button or call. With advanced motion sensing capability, an immediate request for help is sent automatically in the event of a fall.

Help Available in Real Time, 24/7

With GPS and cellular connectivity, you can call for assistance no matter where you are. This protection is live and active 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Medical Alert Systems can even provide your location to send help if needed.

Discrete Design, Easy-To-Use & Doctor Approved

If you experience a fall or emergency, make sure you get help fast. Modern technology provides monitors and wearables that use cellular/GPS and motion detection. The devices are easy to use, and nobody will even notice you’re wearing them. All options are approved by leading hospitals and doctors as being part of a healthy lifestyle.

Live Independently. The most important things are fall prevention and getting help fast if you do fall.*


Living alone, being incapacitated and the inability to get help is a leading reason adults lose their independence.


Adults who use home medical alert systems have fewer hospitalizations and shorter stays.


The mortality rate is 5 times higher for anyone who is incapacitated alone for 12 hours versus those that get immediate help.

People with the following characteristics are more likely to fall:

  • Over 75 years old
  • White race
  • Living at home alone
  • Use of cane or walker
  • Past history of falls
  • Chronic illness
  • Takes medication
  • Problems with vision and/or hearing
  • Musculoskeletal disorders
  • Neurologic disorders

Priceless Value for as little as $1/day

Affordable Protection

Home medical alert systems come in a wide variety of options. Choose the one that suits your lifestyle best. Packages start as low as $1/day. For this price, you can have the benefits of a home alert system 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Modern Design

With modern design standards, there’s no more clunky boxes. You’ll feel like you’re not even wearing a device. Necklace and wristband wearable styles let you be comfortable and remain safe.

Best Quality Assured

US Medical Alert Systems collaborates with only the highest quality medical alert system providers. All devices adhere to the highest standards and are approved by leading healthcare professionals.


What people are saying about solutions provided by US Medical Alert Systems…

“Since I live alone, it’s comforting to know that should I need assistance, all I have to do is press one button for help.” – G.N.

“Reliable, friendly staff and very helpful. Simple equipment to work and operate.” – V.N.

“Called ambulance with just a press of the button before family knew there was a problem.” – N.E

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*Source: New England Journal of Medicine