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Technology is often not embraced by those more advanced in years. This makes sense as it can be difficult and confusing to adapt and embrace all the latest technology available. However, there is no need to let technology intimidate you. After all, just think about all you have gone through in your life and come out on the other side victorious. There is nothing you can’t do! In actuality, technology, like smart phones can be beneficial to your life and make every day that much easier. The following are some reasons you should consider embracing technology, especially smart phones, if you have been hesitant to do so in the past:

They Can Keep You in Touch

Loneliness is an issue many seniors deal with on a regular basis, perhaps you can relate. Thankfully, smart phones and other technology provide an easy way for you to stay in touch with those you love most. Admittedly, internet based communication like Facetime and other tools or apps cannot take the place of an in-person interaction, but it can get you through between visits. This is especially true when your loved ones live states away.

They Help You Keep Track of Your Medications

Medco Health Solutions found that more than half of respondents to a recent survey said they took at least five different medications on a daily basis. Another 25% have to keep track of between 10 and 19 pills daily. This can get confusing, and when mistakes are made with medications, there can be serious consequences. Thankfully, there are now medication apps like Pillboxie you can download to your smart phone. Apps like this are designed to help you keep track of when you take your medications and how much you should take each time. There are also apps that help you determine the best price for prescriptions like GoodRx that can save you money. Suffice it to say, medication apps can be beneficial to your life.

They Can Entertain You

You can also read on your iPhone or your tablet keep your brain fit as well as pass the time of day. It might be difficult for you to drive to a bookstore or to your local library. With the technology available today, though, you just download a digital book to your tablet or phone, and immediately are able to enjoy a great read. There are also additional games you can download to phone that will keep your mind sharp and give you something enjoyable to do.

In conclusion, technology doesn’t have to be scary or intimidating. Just the opposite, it can be pretty advantageous if you embrace what it has to offer, such as the benefits listed above. Don’t get left behind. It’s worth noting many seniors are embracing technology in the form of smart phone apps and usage. In fact, according to a recent PEW poll on internet and technology, smartphone use among those aged 65 and older has increased from 18% to 42% since 2013, meaning roughly half those in this age group now own and use a smartphone on a regular basis, and when you consider all the many benefits smart phones offer, it’s easy to understand why.



5 Benefits of Technology to Share with Seniors and Their Caregivers