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Billions spent on medical costs for falls in 2015

Average # of minutes for Med Alert Systems to get help to your home

Price of Safety: Are Medical Alert Systems Worth the Expense?


How do you put a price on the safety of a parent, spouse, elderly relative, or friend? It’s like putting a number on the value of the individual’s life. You simply can’t do it. For independent seniors disabled individuals who want to remain in their own homes, the risk of a fall or accident is a real one. While it is important to take steps to prevent a fall or accident from happening, it simply isn’t possible to stop all of them from occurring.

When you consider the alternative, it is clear to see that an emergency help button is one of the most important devices seniors can have in their homes. If no one is living with you, how quickly can you get help without a medical alert system? Unless you have a friend or family member who is living right next door, you might have to wait up to an hour after making a phone call. What if you can’t even reach your phone to make the call? With a medical alarm system in place, the button is close at hand at all times. You don’t need to look up or even dial a phone number. You simply push a button and help is on its way!

Emergency Help Options Are Affordable 

This type of device is designed to provide immediate help for seniors and disabled individuals who need it. So many options exist that it is easy to find one that is suitably priced for your budget. From basic plans to deluxe ones, alert systems are designed to provide the peace of mind that can only come from knowing that medical assistance is readily available at the simple push of a button. The complexity of your plan determines the fees that you must pay, but the cost is usually less than what most people pay for monthly cell phone bills. If you cannot afford the deluxe plan, simply sign up for the basic package.

If You Want to Know If Medical Alert Systems Are Worth the Cost, Ask This Question

If you want to know whether medical alert systems are worth the cost or not, simply ask yourself this question, “Would I rather have this monthly fee or the expense of a hospital stay or funeral?” For most people, the obvious choice is to make a small, monthly investment that provides you with the access to emergency medical care that you need without draining all of your funds.

First Things First РSafety Is #1 

When you have a health emergency, the biggest concern that you are going to have is whether or not you can get someone to come help you right away. The cost to obtain that help is a secondary one that probably won’t concern you until much later.