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While cell phones and other technological advancements have made it easier for you to keep in touch with your aging parents, a medical alarm system is still needed in certain situation. Read on to learn various ways to recognize it’s time to sign your parents up for a medical alarm system:

Understand Phones Have Their Limitations

Yes, cellphones are great. However, their presence are no substitute for the instant connection your loved one will have with urgent care professionals with a medical alarm system. In addition, cell phones batteries die, older individuals tend to have trouble keeping up with their phones, and they are difficult to keep on their person. Consequently, if they fall, the likelihood that they will have access to their phone to call for help isn’t guaranteed or even likely. On the other hand, a medical alert system remains on their person, so they can instantly access help should a medical emergency arise.

Know That Medical Alert Systems Work Well For Dementia Cases

If your loved one is suffering from the onset of dementia, this is another indication that it could be a good time to opt for a medical alert system. The forgetfulness, confusion and memory loss that characterizes this devastating disease make it much more likely for your loved one to find themselves in need of help. Thankfully, with a medical alert system, they are a simple button push away from the help they need, and in some cases, they don’t even have to be able to push the button. Some systems will notify the proper medical professionals if certain movements indicating a fall have occurred.

They Aren’t Only Ideal For Parents in Poor Physical Condition

You might assume your able-bodied parents, who are not suffering with any debilitating conditions, have no need of a medical alert system. However, even they can benefit. After all, natural disaster like earthquakes, floods or fires affect everyone. If your parents have medical alert systems, they have easy access to rescue professionals. In addition, if someone breaks into their home, they can get the help they need. Therefore, their medical alert system becomes more of a security system that keeps them at fingertip’s reach of any and all help they may need.

It is Ideal if You Don’t Live Nearby or Have The Ability to Check in Regularly

As your parents age, you likely feel a huge amount of responsibility to ensure they are taken care of and in the best possible health, both mentally and physically. However, life is busy and you likely have many other responsibilities to take care of, which means you don’t always have the time or ability, if you live far away, to check in on your aging parents. Thankfully, medical alert systems can give you much-needed peace of mind that your parents are safe, protected and can easily get any medical or law enforcement help they may need, all with a simple push of a button.

Making the decision to get your parents a medical alert system can seem like a big step. However, when you consider the potential benefits, you can easily understand why it’s a step you need to make now rather than later, especially if any of the previously mentioned aspects are true in your case.