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% of Americans aged 65+ that fall each year

Billions spent in medical costs for falls in 2015


% of hip fractures caused by falling

Senior Independence Improves with Medical Alert Systems

Thanks to advancements in medical technology, seniors are living longer than ever. In many cases, they maintain a high level of physical activity while retaining their mental alertness. Unfortunately, for some seniors, physical infirmities come with a longer lifespan. As the reality of health emergencies and physical limitations sets in, seniors begin to experience a natural fear of losing their sense of independence.

“Local responders have been called in addition to emergency responders. They stay in contact with you until emergency responders arrive. They have saved my life each time.”


Delray Beach, FL

Family and Caregiver Benefits of Medical Alert Systems

Are you a senior caregiver who worries about the health and safety of your loved one? Wouldn’t you like to be able to put those concerns to rest? It’s easy to do when you know that your loved one is in good hands. You can provide a strong level of security for elderly and disabled individuals through the use of a medical alert system that is designed to provide immediate assistance in the event of a fall, accident, or health emergency.

Price of Safety: Are Medical Alert Systems Worth the Expense?

How do you put a price on the safety of a parent, spouse, elderly relative, or friend? It’s like putting a number on the value of the individual’s life. You simply can’t do it. For independent seniors disabled individuals who want to remain in their own homes, the risk of a fall or accident is a real one. While it is important to take steps to prevent a fall or accident from happening, it simply isn’t possible to stop all of them from occurring.

We found our service to be excellent and reliable. It allowed my father-in-law to remain in his house while easing our minds regarding his health and safety.”


Phoenix, AZ

Home Systems

Around the clock protection. Perfect for people who spend most of their time at home. Available for land lines and cellular networks.

Mobile Systems

Perfect for the active person on the go. Be protected 24 hours a day wherever you go with our GPS systems.

Fall Detection Systems

Unique sensors in these devices can detect a fall and notify help. 90% of older adults that get help within one hour of falling will be able to return home.

Emergency Help Is Only A Button Away

Unexpected falls happen all the time. With the simple push of a button, emergency help is on the way. Choosing to take advantage of a medical alert system gives you access to the care you want when you need it. Here is a look at the best reasons to consider signing up for a medical alert system for you, a parent, or a loved one.  |  Contact Us  |  Privacy Policy