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Celebrating Thanksgiving with your friends and family is usually a time of joy. However, as a senior, it might present some challenges as well. The following are some tips to follow that will ensure you enjoy your Thanksgiving celebration thoroughly:

  • Make Alternative Plans if Travel or Family Celebrations Are Impossible: Consider yourself lucky if your family members live close enough for you to celebrate with them, easily. When you are alone in your area, be sure to make alternative Thanksgiving plans. You don’t want to wait till the day of and then feel the isolation and loneliness of a Thanksgiving alone. Many local organizations like churches or senior centers will provide a holiday meal for seniors who are away from family and friends. You can even volunteer to help decorate or set up these meals for more engagement.
  • Don’t Overindulge: If you have strict dietary restrictions, make sure to adhere to these, even during holidays like Thanksgiving. Even if you have no such restrictions, keep in mind that high-calorie, high-fat overload can make you feel sluggish and can cause your blood sugar to fluctuate. Sure, you can cheat a small bit during Thanksgiving, but just make sure your indulgences are limited.
  • Skip The Alcohol: As a senior, you might want to forego any alcohol this Thanksgiving. Alcohol can cause irregular heartbeat, depression and pancreas inflammation among other negative results. You also need to remember that consuming alcohol can cause you to become intoxicated, making driving and even just walking difficult. Of course, you know your own limits, and if you are planning on staying at the location in which you are eating, this isn’t as much of a concern. However, alcohol should be something you generally avoid overindulging in for the most part.
  • Make Sure You are Prepared For Anything: If you plan on traveling to your family’s home, hours or states away, you want to prepare well. Make sure you have ample supply of the prescription medications you take on a regular basis. It’s also a good idea to go visit your doctor before making such a trip to ensure you are in good enough health to make the trip successfully, without aggravating any existing medical conditions. Be sure to make a list of your medications along with their dosage in case there is a medical emergency while you are away from home. This will ensure your family members have the information needed to get you the right kind of help. An app like Medical ID makes storing this information much easier.
  • Remember, It’s Temporary: Admittedly, being in a house with dozens of your family members under one roof, for hours or days on end can be trying. This is especially true if you are used to being alone most of the time. The noise and activity of a bustling household and constant conversation can be exhausting and overwhelming. Give yourself some grace and remember it’s temporary. If you find yourself getting frustrated, perhaps go to a room alone for some time alone to settle your nerves. Just be sure to communicate your needs to your family in a nice way that doesn’t insult them or make them feel you don’t want to be with them.

Follow the tips listed above to embrace Thanksgiving as a senior.