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The topic of one’s own morality is not popular. After all, we all like to think we will live forever. Unfortunately, that isn’t the case. Each one of us will one day leave this world. How easily our family makes the transition to life without us, is often a result of our preparations prior to our death.  For example, the presence of a legally binding will, is vitally important. This is true for every adult, regardless of their age or financial status. Read on to learn more about why a will is so important and how to go about creating one:

Why a Will is Important, No Matter Your Age or Financial Standing

  • You Want to Protect Your Family: When you die without an estate plan or will, your family will be forced to go through the probate process blind. Even if you don’t own a great deal, your home, car, bank account and life insurance policies are all considered assets. You want to choose who benefits from these assets and prevent your family from having to traverse the red tape sometimes associated with the probate process. Having a legally binding will on file at your lawyer’s office, in a safe deposit box at the bank or stored in a safe within your home is a good way to ensure your affairs are settled as quickly as possible after your death. This will mean your family can access your life insurance and begin moving on with life with little to no conflict. Conversely, without a will, the state will decide who gets your assets and who is responsible for your debts, a process that is often arduous.
  • To Ensure Your Children Are Raised Per Your Wishes: Another important reason to create a will, even if you are younger is to ensure your wishes are known with regard to your children. Who will they live with if you and your spouse die together? What about your pets? Where do they go? Are there specific values you want the person who raises your kids to uphold? These important decisions should not be relegated to the discretion of a judge who doesn’t know your family personally. It should instead be something you decide ahead of time.
  • You Can Share Your Wishes For Life Sustaining Steps: If you have some sort of accident that results in your needing life sustaining methods, you will want to ensure your wishes are known. A will with a living will element allows you to outline what you want with regard to sustaining life. Are you okay with being kept on a breathing machine for an extended period? When do you want your family to “pull the plug” if ever? These are all important topics you need to have outlined within a will for your family in the event something tragic should occur.

How to Create a Will

According to U.S. News, you can either employ the help of a skilled attorney or use online software to create a will on your own. Ideally, you should at least get a lawyer to look it over, even if you do it on your own to ensure it is legally binding. After all, without that aspect, a will is just a piece of paper. Keep in mind, though even the most carefully constructed will is virtually useless if you don’t let your family know where it is stored or filed. Tell more than just one person. Of course, tell your spouse, but also tell an older child or your parents. Just make sure whoever you tell is trustworthy, because, unfortunately, people can become extremely greedy and conniving when they “think” they might benefit financially in some way. So, make sure your assets are protected and go where you want them to by creating a will and then communicating where said will is to those you love.